Cloud computing is a resource of IT services on demand, which means you can ‘pay as you go’. Such IT services were first started by Amazon in 2006. With cloud computing, companies can forget IT infrastructure, like servers, which substantially reduces their maintenance cost. The cloud computing services by Amazon, known as Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon managed services includes:

  • Storage Service – With this service, you can store your application data online for a low price. You can also create online back-up for your programs.
  • CloudDrive – This service allows users to access web-connected devices and share documents, videos, photos, stream music etc.
  • RedShift – This is a data warehouse service which allows the use of business intelligence tools. You can upload your data and employ these tools to analyse your statistics.
  • Mechanical Trunk – This service allows crowd resourcing; it lets you upload simple tasks that cannot be solved by computers and the human network accessing the Trunk can solve these for you.
  • CloudSearch – This service provides customized scalable search capabilities.
  • Dynamo Database – This is a NoSQL database and is popular because of its low latency.
  • ElastiCache – This service reduces the load on the database and speeds up dynamic web applications.
  • Elastic Compute Cloud – It lets subscribers run their applications. It can be considered as an infinite number of virtual machines.

Advantages of Amazon Web Services


AWS is durable, well-secured, and cost effective. They have well-recognized certifications like the SAS 70 Type II, PCI DSS Level 1, HIPAA, FISMA Moderate and the ISO 27001 certifications. With AWS server management you can rest be assured that your confidential data is secured around layers and layers of un-hackable code.


Using amazon managed services, you can follow the pay-as-you-go pricing, so you don’t have to be worried about huge investments or long-term commitments.


You can select the programming language and operating system that is most beneficial to your business. You do not need to acquire new IT skills to set up your applications with these services.


Traditionally, if you require new applications, then you would have to think about the hardware infrastructure, operating systems, APIs, etc. But with AWS you can experiment with new apps and add these resources only when they have been successfully implemented.

You can also migrate your already existing applications to AWS using the TO THE NEW tab. With the AWS server management, you do not have to worry about overloading the server with your new applications.

Where Should You Start?

You can open your AWS account on the amazon website and choose the services that you require. Additionally, you can consider joining the AWS Partner Network (APN) which will give you access to numerous technical, sales, business and marketing resources.

The APN network consists of two kinds of partners: AWS consulting partners and AWS Technology Partners. The APN technology partners include ISVs, SaaS, Paas, etc. while the AWS consulting partners include System Integrators, Value Added resellers, Strategic Consultancies, etc. You can up your target audience with this level of networking.

Amazon has more than 15 years of experience in delivering state of the art web services. Should you employ these amazon web services, you will not be disappointed!

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